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Women In Food

Jan 13, 2023

In this week’s episode, I talk with women’s empowerment pioneer, foodie, wise woman and passionate lover of the natural world, Connor Sauer. Connor shares a bit about her childhood growing up eating close to the land right at a time when convenience foods were also making their appearance as well as her travels around the world and life in the wilderness. Our conversation weaves its way through topics including the natural state of abundance, tending fire and hearth, the nature of the feminine, gardening by the moon cycles, and eating seasonally. Connor takes us on a journey with her stories of learning the Contract with Corn from the Hopi Grandmother, living in a tipi in Colorado, and understanding the power of the moon’s pull in the Mayan jungles. And, oh my gosh, we just LOVE to talk about food, gathering in community, our shared joys in the kitchen and her views on the role of the feminine in humanity’s continuing journey. Along the way, Connor shares her “un-recipe” which is truly a lesson on how to cultivate your own language of flavor through experimentation and creativity so that you can always feel empowered in your kitchen no matter what is on hand or in season. This was SUCH a rich conversation!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Pasta Grannies

My Favorite Cookbooks List on (including the Moosewood Cookbook, The Joy of Cooking & Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom mentioned in this episode)

Two Gifts from Connor: (with PDF downloads)

“Compact with Corn” writing about the corn wisdom from Hopi Grandmother
“Walking With Medicine” writing about living in devotion to your unique expression

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