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Women In Food

Jun 20, 2023

Today I talk with filmmaker, cafeteria-lover and foodie, Lisa Hurwitz. We talk about her recent film, “The Automat”, a documentary about the iconic Horn & Hardart restaurant chain of the early twentieth century. Learn about her beginnings in the intersection of food and film to how she’s brought her first feature film to life as a woman in the film industry. We explore the history of Horn & Hardart and how they’re success was based on values-based business decisions and good food. I’ve LOVED this conversation as I have a fascination with the Automats after visiting the very last one in NYC. Along the way, we explore the idea of the ‘Third Place’, business lessons from Horn & Hardart, the mechanics of the Automat and their role in supporting diversity and equality as a restaurant. The Automats were all about American Comfort foods, so of course, we ‘geek’ out on some of the original Horn & Hardart recipes of the 1960’s giving you their Mac & Cheese secrets!

The Recipe starts at 43:00

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