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Women In Food

May 6, 2021

Today’s interview is with farmer and food advocate, Allison Dehonney.  Travel with us to the Caribbean where we learn how she makes the ubiquitous Callaloo— a sort of soupy-stew using indigenous Caribbean greens called dasheen.

Along the way, we’ll learn more about Allison’s story of food from her Trinidadian roots to her current home in Buffalo, NY where she works tirelessly to provide access to food, nutrition and food education for underserved urban communities. We ‘geek out’ about getting the max benefits of garlic, the secret to looking young, and what it’s like to run BOTH her non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Allison gives us a behind-the-curtain view of the ups and downs of building a mission-based business and the challenges of sticking to that mission of food access while also keeping the lights on. We talk about the land knowledge carried by the BIPOC community and her work to help people of color repair their relationship to the land and thus to food.

This is a RICH interview with a woman who inspires me with her HUGE impact in the food justice space.

The Recipe starts at: 21:34 
Recipe Download at:

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Urban Fruits & Veggies – Allison’s Urban Farm & Food Education Business

Buffalo Go Green - Allison’s non-profit dedicated to improving the pathways to nutritional success for underserved communities in Buffalo, NY.

Allison’s Social Media Links: Facebook and Instagram

Leah Penniman- Soul Fire Farm & her book, “Farming While Black”

The Black Farmer Fund


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